When you deal with emerging technologies, VATA provides innovative and efficient end-to-end cybersecurity services to tackle any enterprise-level challenge.

Protect your business and clients from cyber attacks

Reasons to Seek Our Help

Risks we defend against

The number of ways a cybercriminal can attack a business is staggering. Here at VATA, we can help you protect your business and clients from the full range of cyber attacks. We’ll make sure you’ve implemented the mitigation strategies outlined in the Australian Cyber Security Centre’s ‘Essential Eight’ advice and go beyond those strategies to protect you from the threats that are most relevant to your business. Some of the most common risks include:

Cloud services risks

Misconfiguration, poor design, missing security controls, shadow IT, third-party security

Cloud services are a popular way of storing, managing and processing valuable business data, including passwords and customer personal information. That also makes them popular targets for cyber attacks. If you store or backup information in the cloud, through Amazon Web Services (AWS) for instance, cloud security should be a vital part of your cybersecurity program.

Application Risks

OWASP TOP 10, vulnerabilities, zero-day vulnerabilities and exploits, viruses, ransomware and other malware

Applications drive the business world today. But each application you rely on may expose your business to vulnerabilities that attackers can leverage. As a result, managing a corporate portfolio of off-the-shelf software and tailor-made applications often complicates the task of maintaining effective cybersecurity measures. Having a sound application security strategy, educating your developers and performing regular penetration tests and code reviews will protect you from unique vulnerabilities that could be introduced to your business by any application. Application white-listing, continuous vulnerability scans, advanced endpoint protection and an intrusion prevention system (IPS) can protect your business from malware and other cyber threats. In addition, if your systems have already been compromised by a cyber attack, we can help you mitigate the incident and quickly recover from it.

The human factor

Phishing, scams, fraud, embezzlement, internal threats

Phishing and other kinds of scams remain popular methods of conducting cyber attacks because they’re easy to use and are effective tools for fraudulently obtaining sensitive information. But not all cyber attacks come from the outside. ‘Inside jobs’ like embezzlement and other internal threats are also common and the effects of such attacks can be just as devastating. 

All businesses are susceptible to these kinds of attacks and there are two main ways of preventing them. We can put in place technical controls that protect against these types of cybersecurity threats. We can also educate your personnel about everyday practices they can implement to help them identify insider threat indicators and reduce the chances of them succumbing to the sophisticated scams and other cyber attacks used by today’s innovative cyber criminals.

Increased interconnectivity — the internet of things (IoT)

IoT management, Hardware Security Module (HSM), cryptography

Smart appliances, point-of-sale devices, screens and projectors, wearable devices (like the Apple Watch), automatic lights, surveillance cameras — all kinds of everyday objects are increasingly being connected via the internet but they often lack security features. If you or your business use any of these kinds of technologies, you need protection from network intrusions. 

Denial of service attacks (DOS and DDOS)

DDOS, DOS, CDN, resiliency, syn flood, http get attack, floods, volume attacks, protocol attacks, application attacks

Denial of service attacks (DOS) and distributed denial of service attacks (DDOS), come in many shapes and forms. The most common type is a DDOS attack, where multiple network resources are used to bombard your system with so much data that it becomes overwhelmed and cannot provide an adequate level of service. With a DDOS attack, criminals can target your website or any system that’s connected to the internet and these kinds of attacks are very common. We can develop strategies and tools to help you prevent and recover from many advanced DOS attacks.

Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs)

Reconnaissance, brute force, phishing, spear phishing, state sponsored, social engineering

Perhaps the scariest cyber attacks are those that go undetected for prolonged periods of time. An attacker who gets a strong, undetected foothold in your system or business has a lot of time to steal more data, develop more sophisticated ways to do harm, and hack additional parts of the system. Time is always a differentiator in performing an attack, and attackers expend a lot of effort and many resources to quietly gain and maintain access to a network — in fact, cybercriminals often develop bespoke attack methods that are customised to the target. As such, your business will have an increased risk of these threats if you deal with high-value information — businesses in the finance, defence and manufacturing industries are particularly attractive targets. The advanced techniques used to carry out these attacks make it difficult for businesses and even cybersecurity professionals to detect APTs. Our best-in-class, enterprise-level security architects have the ingenuity and drive required to detect and excise existing tailor-made APTs and prevent future attacks.

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What we solve​

Do you cringe at the time you spend trying to prevent a cyber attack on your business? Does the complexity of your business’s cybersecurity challenges feel overwhelming? Are you frustrated that some cybersecurity consultancies can’t handle your unique cybersecurity challenges? Does the thought of having to respond to a cyber-attack make you sweat? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, Vata is the cybersecurity company for you.

What can go wrong

Protect Your Business Against Cyber Attack​

Cyber attacks are one of the top five global risks in terms of likelihood and one of the top 10 global risks in terms of impact. In the Asia-Pacific region, 64% of businesses that suffered a data breach lost more than USD500,000 as a result — 51% lost more than USD1 million. A whopping 25% of Australian small and medium businesses have been targeted by a cyber attack and the number of cybersecurity incidents is increasing by 33% each year. Our cybersecurity consultants can protect your:

Customer and client data loss​

Your customers and clients are the heart of your business. So imagine the disruption it would cause if you lost their data in a cyber attack. If you’re not adequately protected, criminals could steal your clients’ personal information, breaching their privacy and, in some cases, enabling the attackers to commit identity fraud or theft. How long would it take you to recover from that kind of reputational and operational set back? Days, weeks, months?

Financial loss​

Managing cash flow remains a top concern for Australian small businesses. But if you think everyday cash flow challenges are difficult to overcome, imagine how much harder things could get if your business’s financial accounts were compromised during a cyber attack. Running a small business can be tough but our cybersecurity consultants can make running your business that little bit easier by taking care of your cybersecurity measures.

Commercial secrets leak​

Innovative business ideas, business plans, financial records, marketing plans, private intellectual property, product designs, patent applications and employee records — if a criminal stole or compromised any of this information, how would your business be affected? A minor loss of some of this information could be expensive, but a major loss could shut your business down for good — or worse. Our cybersecurity services can help you protect your sensitive commercial assets and keep your business safe.

Reputation infrigement

Your business’s reputation is a vital part of your success, so no doubt you strive to shape and protect your reputation in every business activity you do. But while you can control how you and your employees shape your brand’s reputation, you’ve got no control over how competitors and criminals might attempt to tarnish it. You can, however, protect your business from cyber attacks that directly impact your reputation and our cybersecurity consultants can help you do so.

Our clients​

Businesses with spot-on cybersecurity​

We’ve worked with a wide range of clients both big and small, each with a unique problem set and risk profile.

Our clients​

Businesses with spot-on cybersecurity​

We’ve worked with a wide range of clients both big and small, each with a unique problem set and risk profile.

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